• Scauri

Energitismo Insight

This is the tourist resort town of Minto and the ancient town of Pirae, a settlement already in ruins back in Roman times (first century A.D.). It became a Roman colony, and Minto become an important road junction, a commercial town and tourist resort. The colony declined following the invasion of the Lombards in 558 A.D. and with a common destiny in Lazio to that shared by all coastal resorts, it was crushed between the Barbarian invasions and on the coast by the Saracen raids. In the fourteenth and sixteenth century defensive towers were built, such as the Square Tower and that of Molini. In 1552 the Turkish pirate Dragut landed on the beach of Scauri and took into slavery 200 people from the surrounding areas. The archaeological areas are part of the regional park Riviera di Ulisse and the Square Tower has been restored and is a bird observatory.

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