Sausage and Coriander

  • Sausage and Coriander

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The sausage is produced with a paste of the flesh of the whole pig to which are added natural ingredients such as salt, hot pepper, sweet red pepper, muscat wine of Terracina DOC, and coriander seeds passed through the oven to be crisper and easier to crush. The paste rests for at least 12 hours in a wooden 'maniella' and stuffed into natural pig intestines with vegetable twine in the characteristic shape of a chain. The sausages are then dried, hanging from rods and smoked with the smoke of mastic wood. The sausages are then cured or preserved under extra virgin olive oil in glass jars. The coriander dates back to the Saracen domination and was used to sublimate the taste of pork. The pig farm was widespread due to the presence of the cork of San Vito, an oak forest originally of 7,000 hectares around Monte San Biagio.

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