Sanctuary of St.Eleuterio of Arce

  • Sanctuary of St.Eleuterio of Arce

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The church was completed in 1582 on the place of burial of the Patron Saint Eleuterio. It has three naves and in the apse there are frescoes dating from the fifteenth century. Sant'Eleuterio is invoked against the bite of rabid dogs and snakes. He was born in an English town and decided to go to Palestine. On the return trip from directed to and stopped for a rest in Arce, at the Torre del Pedaggio (Toll Tower). The innkeeper stirred up her big rabid dogs against him but they were tamed immediately at the sight of the pilgrim. The next morning, the landlord found the body of the dead pilgrim, guarded by the mastiffs and many snakes. The pilgrim was immediately acclaimed a saint by the population, which elevated him to the city's patron.

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