Sanctuary of Santa Maria Goretti

  • Sanctuary of Santa Maria Goretti

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Maria Goretti, was  born in 1890 into a family of poor farmers who settled about eleven kilometers from Nettuno, in the very unhealthy Pontine Marshes. The father died and Mary was attacked and shot to death in 1902. Pope Pius XII proclaimed her a saint in 1950. The Sanctuary-Basilica of Our Lady of Grace and St. Maria Goretti are where was previously the church of the Annunciation. It was built in 1914 by the will of the Passionist Fathers and with the financial support of Pope Pius X. The story of the Madonna statue is interesting. It arrived in Nettuno in 1550 from England where, as a result of the schism declared by Henry VIII, monasteries and churches were confiscated and the statues of the saints destroyed. To exclude them from being destroyed, some sailors loaded statues on their ship bound for Naples. Due to a severe storm, the boat landed on the coast of Nettuno. The wooden statue of the Madonna was unloaded and placed in the church of priests who stood near. The arrival of the Madonna on the shores of Nettuno was interpreted as the will of Our Lady of Grace to stay in this place. Alongside the statue of the Madonna, the statues of San Sebastiano and San Rocco were placed in the same church.

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