Sanctuary of San Giacomo (St James)

  • Sanctuary of San Giacomo (St James)

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The Sanctuary and the Convent were built in places that hosted St. Francis of Assisi, near the seventeenth-century church of Sacro Speco. The monastery consists of a single nave fourteenth century church, a monastery dating from the thirteenth century, and a refectory, all decorated with frescoes of the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. Inside the church is a tablet, dating from the fourteenth or fifteenth century, depicting the Madonna della Grazie and Child with St. Joseph and a seventeenth century fresco of the Poggio Bustone landscape flanked by St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony of Padua, between the two an unidentified pontiff. A staircase in the monastery leads to the hermitage carved into the rock.

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