Sanctuary Madonna of the Snows

  • Sanctuary Madonna of the Snows

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This small sanctuary dates from the late sixteenth century, and has a single nave with a coffered ceiling decorated with five arches that form part of their respective chapels. On the main altar apse is a copy of the Snow Madonna venerated in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. The facade of 1858 in brick and lava stone, has a neo-classical portal and a rosette with the monogram of the Virgin Mary. Over the centuries the church has been expanded, enriched with furniture, with a sacristy and a large building to house pilgrims and groups. Since 1860 it has been well maintained and guarded by the Pallottine Fathers. The devotion to Our Lady, still deeply felt, goes back to the fact that Rocca Priora, since imperial times, was the main supplier of snow and ice in Rome. Its inhabitants traded this valuable asset throughout the year, keeping the ice in wells sealed with hay and transporting it with "neviere" carts to the capital. A shortage of snow during the winter meant tightening their belts during the summer, hence the invocation to the Virgin's protection. The town dedicates a festival to Our Lady of the Snow in late July and early August, culminating in the feature, an evening procession on the first Saturday of the month, with a lot of participation and suggestion of an artificial snowfall.

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