Saint Mark’s Basilica

  • Saint Mark’s Basilica

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The Basilica of San Marco (Saint Mark’s Basilica) is the main church, the patriarch of the city, and is one of the most well known symbols of Italy. The original church was built near the Palazzo Ducale in 820 to house the relics of Saint Mark, smuggled to Constantinople by two Venetian merchants, and it was the palace church. It has suffered several fires and was rebuilt around a thousand and then in 1200. As the state church, the basilica was ruled by a doge and did not depend on the patriarch who was based in Saint Peter’s. The Doge himself appointed a ducal clergy led by the ‘primicerio’. The administration of the basilica was entrusted to the Procurators of Saint Mark, located in the office of the Procuratori, who still perform these jobs for the Patriarchate. Among the works of art in Saint Mark’s stolen by the Venetians, there are the famous gilded bronze horses and silver on the roof of the church taken from the Hippodrome of Constantinople. They are the only specimens of statues that adorned the impressive Roman triumphal arches.

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