Saint Andrea Convent

  • Saint Andrea Convent

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The convent was started May 24, 1597 using the materials from the demolition of three small local churches and is located in the hills of the Sabina between the towns of Collevecchio and Cicignano. The original building of the convent and the annexed church was undertaken by the Capuchin Franciscan friars. The convent was built following the typical plant of the Capuchins, and has 17 cells. For years each of the municipalities claimed to have ownership and "if some stranger monk had asked any of them for the road to go to the Convent of Collevecchio, those Cicignano you were addressing pointed to an opposite path" (P. Joseph of Monterotondo). Over the centuries it has been amended several times and the current form dates back to early 1900. The convent was abandoned by the monks in 1964 and has been the subject of theft and destruction.  

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