Rural Church of San Sebastiano

  • Rural Church of San Sebastiano

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The rural church of San Sebastiano, which is located outside the town, is near the road that crosses Licinese Poggio Moiano linking to Via Salaria at Tiburtina Valeria. It was built in 1527 and is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Poggio Moiano of whom the martyrdom scenes were painted inside by the famous painter Manenti in the seventeenth century. On the left wall there is also a standard with 13 metal hearts that testify to the graces received by the saint. On the day of the feast of St. Sebastian, on January 20, the procession of the patron walks between the crackle of their own fireworks to this church, which makes a short stop before returning to the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist and Mary Immaculate, in the centre of the town.

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