LUCIA TIZIANA DE LUCA - Refined Embroidery

  • LUCIA TIZIANA DE LUCA - Refined Embroidery
  • LUCIA TIZIANA DE LUCA - Refined Embroidery
  • LUCIA TIZIANA DE LUCA - Refined Embroidery
  • LUCIA TIZIANA DE LUCA - Refined Embroidery

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Women’s crafts were dropped in much of the Western world as it "progressed". Yet for centuries these arts and crafts were the engine of the local and regional economy. Precious fabrics, embroideries with fine threads or with glass beads, coral and gold, and refined garments were the emblem of the power of countries and their economies. Female emancipation misunderstood value of these arts and crafts and led to their neglect and to putting women who practiced them on a lower social level. Years later, the roles are now reversing. The few people who know how to embroider and sew in the best traditions of the past are sought after by major fashion designers and a stylish international audience. Women like Lucia are becoming sought after and from them prestigious companies can be reborn, and local area societies can be reborn to display the essence and the very best of women’s arts and crafts.

The Creator



If it were not for her years, the story of Lucia seems to come from a book of the 1800s. Like all girls of previous century, Lucia was educated at the art of embroidery and sewing since childhood.

She cultivated this art with passion starting from costumes for ballet dancers. Then her skill and creativity brought her to combine the traditions of the past with modern style, and today her embroidery embellishes the most sophisticated dresses and capes, and her embroidered bags are highly sought after.

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Italy, TropeaFIND IT HERE

Founded in mythology by Hercules, Tropea contrasts the extreme beauty of the sea and the city center built of stone. In fact the city was founded on a rock overlooking the sea and was known for granite quarries (now completely transformed into columns, statues, churches and palaces).

Maybe the name comes from the Roman for "war trophies", maybe from an dangerous "sea wind". In any case Tropea today combines the best of nature and art of Calabria.

But for food lovers Tropea is known because of the name of a tasty red onion sought by top chefs from around the world.

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