• ANTONELLA PAGANO - Poetic Glamour
  • ANTONELLA PAGANO - Poetic Glamour
  • ANTONELLA PAGANO - Poetic Glamour

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Antonella Pagano is an artisan who makes art. In her hands stoles, scarves and jackets come alive. They are inscribed with her poems are and embellished with tulle and elegant accessories. Her ability to transform objects makes her a ‘wise goddess’ who gives her art to genuine women. Antonella has created ever since her childhood, when she loved writing with ink and nibs. Her admiration for nature and the world of Puglia and Basilicata, in which she grew up, turned into pictorial art and poetry. With time, her poetry took the form of diverse creations: Abbraccio della Poesia (Hug Poetry), Tenda dell’Abbraccio (Curtain of embraces), Flori-leggio, Calanchina, Pagina ad Acqua (Leaf on Water), Pensiero (Thought). The glamour of Antonella’s poetry is that you can read, watch and wear it. The pleasure one feels in front of her creations stems from the admiration for this woman, who in her works shows all the love for the world. The poetry of Antonella is not just a coloured ‘cuddle’ that beautifies the wearer, but it is, above all, love for creation that becomes a gift for others. Antonella's eyes look at the world through rose-coloured glasses: it is the only way that she can translate today's reality into poetry.

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Antonella is a poet and performer who lives in Rome and Matera: two cities with a magical charm. After raising her two children she has been dedicated to the passion for her poetry using the language of fashion to convey her messages of love. A particular combination of innovative forms and messages anchored to the deepest feelings.

She has always been a professional of culture. In addition to poems and stories she is curator of exhibitions and art catalogs, a performer, art critic and literary.

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