DOLORES DE GIORGI - Playing with Raku

  • DOLORES DE GIORGI - Playing with Raku
  • DOLORES DE GIORGI - Playing with Raku
  • DOLORES DE GIORGI - Playing with Raku
  • DOLORES DE GIORGI - Playing with Raku

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Women are strange creatures, at a certain age they are reborn. The life of a woman is also marked by the biological rhythms of the family and motherhood and priorities are often dictated by their loved ones. At one point, the lead role of the mother fades and women find a new taste in life. <br/< This is what happened in a surprising way to Dolores who was "born" as an artist at age 60. Looking at her work you can not determine her age. The taste of the experiments and the courage of some combinations are those of a child. Freedom of combining different materials and colours that is closest to the ardour of youth than to maturity. <br/< Having the privilege to hear her speak of her love for raku, known only for a dozen years, one is struck by her passion. A relationship so intense that also involved two other artists, Fabio Taramasco and Alba, with whom she shares an oven, confidentially, called 'Usciuco Raku' (place of raku) in the Ligurian dialect.

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Throughout her artistic career, Dolores has experimented with different techniques to the point that one critic believed that one of her personal exhibitions was actually a collective.

The true artist in Dolores was born only when she became "free" from everyday life and devoted herself to experimenting different art languages and techniques. Love for raku and the combination of ceramics with metals is her latest frontier.

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Savona was the seat of a rebellious population who suffered under the relative might of its local neighbour Genoa from 1528 when its upper town and towers were destroyed and the harbour buried. It seems that it could do no right as every invading force picked on Savona as part of their military exercises.

Now it sits happily beside the Tyrrhenian Sea, without its latest heritage of steel mills, and waits on the next cruise ship to transport tourists around the Med. Meanwhile, the imposing fortress of Priamar, on the sea edge, now houses museums and art galleries.

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