ITAS – To Portray the Earth in Art and Style

  • ITAS – To Portray the Earth in Art and Style
  • ITAS – To Portray the Earth in Art and Style
  • ITAS – To Portray the Earth in Art and Style
  • ITAS – To Portray the Earth in Art and Style
  • ITAS – To Portray the Earth in Art and Style

Energitismo Insight

The planispheres of ITAS feature brilliance of the material surfaces, a balance of colours and hues and exactness of the representation.A work realized using hight quality materials and extreme precision to “give life” to large planisphere panels, novel geography with style.
Marco Terni and his band of technologists have ably initiated the demonstration of their artisanal skills and technology knowledge, that have arisen from many years of patient practice and an understanding of the limitations and advantages of each machining technology with respect to each material. In discussion on the particular techiniques used, Marco was quick to explain both that a laser is not used to profile or cut metals where it can ‘burn’ the edge of the cut and create an uneven profile and how it is important to use different technique for different materials.
With their experiance and passion, ITAS is not limited to its own designs and can reproduce any client’s design in virtually any material utilising the most appropriate materials with the best finishing.
Various Technologies are used to create effects, machining and engraving on metals, which are used alongside more traditional techniques.

The Creator



Marco Poletti Terni began to use various machine tools and Technologies as a child at the side of his father. Today he is a professional with over 25 years of experience in the craft sector and high technology for the processing of metals, wood, mother of pearl, and other materials.

In 2011, his creative spirit led him to found ITAS along with his colleagues, and thus his hobby became his business.

In his work he combines art and technology with the curiosity and the pleasure of inventing new solutions and everyday items to create something more unique.

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Codogno derives its name from the fruit of the quince, that were once abundant in the area. Due to its geographical location and proximity to the river Po, Codogno has Always been an important trading center. Here the first Italian dairy company was founded and the Agricultural Fair has been held every autumn since 1791. Codogno is olso a textile center and its artisans and mechanics have become known around the world.

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