Pamphili Palace

  • Pamphili Palace

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The palace is at the centre of the medieval village. The original construction dates back to 1600 and was owned by the Cesi family until 1648 when it was bought by the Pamphilj family, originating in Gubbio. They expand it and it is believed that it was destined for winemaking activity. A Pamphilj become pope under the name of Innocent X and on the building was carved the symbol of the family: the pamphiliana dove with the olive branch and a lily. The Palace of Nettuno housed the papal court, from Sunday 21 to Thursday, April 25, 1697, which was in technical evaluation visit to the port of Anzio, under Pope Innocent XII Pignatelli. A Pamphily, Cardinal Benedetto, became Plenipotentiary of the port of Anzio and in Nettuno palace she urrounded himself with artists and is took to his villa in Rome a huge amount of ancient archaeological artifacts found in excavations of the harbour and Nettuno. In the nineteenth century, the building was entrusted to the French Sisters of the Cross to head a school.

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