Palazzo Traietto

  • Palazzo Traietto

Energitismo Insight

The palace was built by the Marquis Traietto of Anagni from 1557 using Vatican workers. It has four floors and the ballrooms are painted with frescoes by the Zuccheri masters. In a salon is a painting of the God Neptune who fell in love and married Anfritide, daughter of Oceano and his sister Teti, who had made a vow of chastity. From the marriage were born the Tritons and dolphins and many sea nymphs crowned with flowers. Another room shows Spring, with so many joyful Putti (cherubs) inside a colonnade surrounded by marble balustrades. A long time as a guest in the palace in his youth, was Stanislavo Augustus Poniatowski, King of Poland (1732-1738). The garden attached to the building has a quaint and scenic colonnade with statues representing the four seasons. The stables have walls with representations scenes of war. The garden is connected to the church dedicated to Madonna del Carmine celebrated by the Marquis Traietto every year along with the citizens.

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