Palazzo Doria Pamphili

  • Palazzo Doria Pamphili

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The Baronial Palace is the fulcrum around which the village was born. Everything began with a fortified tower. From the tower with the fenced in area you pass to the rectangular castle. In the Renaissance when the defensive needs ended and then in the sixteenth century, the castle was transformed from a military site to a Noble Palazzo. In an inventory of 1747 it states that it was made up of 54 rooms. In the same year an entrance portico was built and an inner courtyard formed. In 1753 the Church of Santa Maria was annexed to the palace and transformed in part into a private chapel and partly into apartments for Maria Teresa Orsini. The latest changes were by the Doria Pamphili in 1811, who left their coat of arms on the entrance portal. Since 1930 the Baron's Palace has belonged to the municipality of Roccagorga.  

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