DAL PRÀ - Ceramic Ornaments for an elegant lounge

  • DAL PRÀ - Ceramic Ornaments for an elegant lounge
  • DAL PRÀ - Ceramic Ornaments for an elegant lounge
  • DAL PRÀ - Ceramic Ornaments for an elegant lounge
  • DAL PRÀ - Ceramic Ornaments for an elegant lounge
  • DAL PRÀ - Ceramic Ornaments for an elegant lounge

Energitismo Insight

Ceramiche Dal Prà was founded in 1897 by two master potters: Giuseppe Dal Pra and Domenico Agostinelli, and is now in its fourth generation of the family with Valentina Meneghini following her mother, Rita Dal Prà, who has led the for 50 years.
The Ceramiche Dal Prà website so accurately describes the company as a ‘perfect fusion between tradition, art and craftsmanship’. The art comes from the expert talents of the family and staff who have worked their adult lives, from their teenage years, creating the perfect shapes, blends of painted colours and fine leaves, petals bulbs, wings, coral, branches and animalia, all deftly fashioned by gentle fingers and hands that have lived with the soft clay. And, on the side, these men and women have married and raised families in this familiar community, a community of people not machines.
While many years ago Nove lost its role as a producer of less ornate ceramics to producers in eastern countries, the harmony of the fine hand-made ceramics of Dal Prà ensures its leadership in a world demanding excellence in form, style and beauty. These fine elegant ceramics are the creation of features that ‘blend into each other’.
The tulip collection of the Dal Prà family is just one story in the nearly 120 years of creation of fine ceramics that form part of the best that their town produces. A visit to the showroom and museum will open not just the eyes, but all the senses to experience the intensity of effort that has been committed to achieve such a collection. A visit to Milan for the Fuori Salone or to Maison et Objet in Paris will expose just the latest collection.

The Creator



Rita's grandfather founded Ceramiche Dal Prà. She has been its proprietor for 50 years since she returned from schooling in England to help her ill father.

Rita was blessed with a passion for and understanding of painted and hand-made ceramics when she took the reins of the company. She led the company through the eras of Japanese and Chinese domination, maintaining the policy of producing only hand-fashioned fine ceramic artware and never abandoning the great shapes and designs that made the name famous.



Valentina Meneghini is the forth generation of Dal Prà. She has joined her mother Rita to share the joy of a business with a showroom and museum of many thousands of works of fine ceramic art including her own creations produced for special exhibitions and promotions.

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The town of Nove is near the heart of Grappa country, with Montegrappa crowning the landscape to the north. The name, Nove, comes apparently from the old Italian for ‘new’ deriving from the Latin Novus, not from 'nine' as in modern Italian. The lands where the town is located used to be part of the Brenta river,but as it receded, the soft lands that were exposed were found to be rich in clay. In Nove artisans are re-emerging in pottery and wine as well as jewellery, and their works can be admired in galleries, bars and restaurants around town.

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