Odescalchi Castle in Palo

  • Odescalchi Castle in Palo

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The castle is a medieval fortress located in Palo Ladispoli owned by the Odescalchi family. It is mentioned for the first time in 1254 and in 1330 was owned by the Monastery of San Saba and then entrusted to the Orsini. In 1513 it was subject to impressive works by Pope Leo X who loved to dwell in the Castle during his hunting trips in the forest of Palo. According to the Archives of the Apostolic Treasury, where the private expenditure of Leo X are noted, we know that the Pope made use of Sangallo. In 1560 the castle of Palo, as all the fortifications along the coast, was reinforced to better protect the Papal States, adding a front bastion. The proximity of Rome and particularly pleasant position on the sea of Palo made a pleasant place to stay. In the years 1792-93, after the revolution in France, a French attack was feared and the castle was reinforced with 250 men, in addition to the officers, non-commissioned officers and four gunners. After the unification of Italy and the end of the Papal States, the castle becomes a place for holidays and residence of the Odescalchi family with the latest changes that led to the current palace.

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