Necropolis of Banditaccia

  • Necropolis of Banditaccia

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The necropolis is located on a tuff hill and with an area of 400 hectares is the largest Etruscan necroplis with many thousands of graves. In fact, it was in use since the ninth century BC until Roman times. The name "Banditaccia" derives from the fact that since the end of the 1800s the area has been "banned", i.e. leased through tender, by the landowners of Cerveteri in favour of the local population. Depending on the historical period, the burials are in wells, barrow mounds (circular) and "cubes" (aligned regularly along burial roads). Those mounds reproduce the house of the deceased and the wealth of detail has allowed us to know of household uses of the Etruscans. Many artifacts of the necropolis are collected in the Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome and in many other museums in the world. The Banditaccia is listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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