Museum of the Tin boxes

  • Museum of the Tin boxes

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The museum shows more than 1,000 cans from raw materials produced from 1890 up to the 1950s. The boxes were mostly for sweets such as biscuits, chocolate and cocoa. Through these stories of boxes of cookies you can read the fashions and styles of generations: the first period of nineteenth century industrialization passes to the monarchy, fascism, Italian African campaign, the war in Europe, the postwar period and ending with the economic boom. In the earliest boxes they showed with pride the "factories" with chimneys smouldering but now they show pristine nature. The names of the products follow history and you pass through Victor, Margaret, Helen and Savoyards, then come to Dux and ‘Balilla’. A pack of biscuits from 11 March 1929 signed by Gabriele d'Annunzio, who writes a special appreciation to the biscuits he deems best among some famous British competitors.

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