Museum of Musical Bands

  • Museum of Musical Bands

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Next to the bridge over the Sacco leading to the town, is a crenellated tower of medieval origin possibly 1100, the Mola Colonna. It is 17.5 metres high and was probably originally built to protect the bridge over the Sacco, but was later converted into a mill, using the force of the water coming over the nearby waterfall. The tower has undergone several restorations over the centuries, and for some time it was also used as a hydropower plant for the lighting of Sgurgola, Morolo and Supino. In 2003 the tower was acquired by the municipality, and granted for the Museum of Musical Bands.  The museum tells the story of the bands of all Italian regions through their costumes, musical instruments and engravings. The material was received from two hundred bands from all over Italy.  The key to the museum is held at the city hall.  

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