Museum Clock Tower

  • Museum Clock Tower

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The Museum 'Clock' tower, dedicated to medieval archeology, is a seventeenth-century building on four levels: the first level is a water tank which, through a seventeenth pipeline, even feeds a public fountain. The second floor houses the clock mechanism and that is weights still in operation. The third and fourth levels are home to the Museum. The building's function has always been public and, probably, was the seat of the Chancellery and citizen Archives. Many of the museum exhibits come from a site in the fortress used as a "dump" (garbage dump), others from the community and the Monks. Most of the material is then made up into by table and kitchen pottery and can be dated between the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The coat of arms of the monks is shown as a forearm with the hand gripping an upright sword. Other common objects include knives, forks, buckles, horse shoes, spurs and various vintage coins in different metals. Unique pieces are a ceramic monstrance from the Baroque period and an unusual press for preparing the Hosts for Mass.

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