Monte Spaccata and Turkish Grotto

  • Monte Spaccata and Turkish Grotto

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From the Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity descend a cleft in the rock of Montagna Spaccata that reaches the entrance of the Turkish Grotto. Legend has it that this cave was formed in the time of Christ's death, when he tore the veil of the temple in Jerusalem. A ridge of rock broke off from the mountain in 1434, at the entrance of the Turkish grotto, and a chapel was then built accessible by a staircase inside the mountain. On the right wall there is a Latin couplet by the side of the so-called hand of the Turk, the shape of a hand (five fingers inscribed in the rock) which, according to legend, would have formed when a Turkish "disbeliever" sailor was leaning against the rock that miraculously became softer, leaving the imprint of his hand.

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