Monastery of St. Scholastica

  • Monastery of St. Scholastica

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The Monastery of St. Scholastica, twin sister of St. Benedict, is the only one of the twelve monasteries founded for the saint in this valley (called the 'Holy Valley'), which has withstood the earthquakes and destruction by the Saracens. It is a complex of buildings constructed in different eras and styles. From the entrance, on which stands the inscription "Ora et Labora", the building goes through various architectural styles. As you go across in the opposite direction you find: first "Renaissance Cloister" of the sixteenth century, then "Gothic Cloister" of the fourteenth century and, finally, "Cloister Cosmatesco", of the thirteenth century. The Campanile is from the twelfth century and the last of the last version of the church is actually the 1700 Church. Here, in 1465 two German clerics Pannartz A. and C. Sweynheym prepared the first printing in the Papal States (and Italian).

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