Monastery of St. Benedict or Sacro Speco

  • Monastery of St. Benedict or Sacro Speco

Energitismo Insight

This monastery is a monument ‘in memoriam' built in memory of the hermitage of Saint Benedict who lived in a cave (now part of the monastery) for about three years. The cave was visited by pilgrims in the eleventh century and this monastery was built at 650 meters height on the side of Mount Taleo. You enter from the Sacro Speco (sacred cave) upper church, from the fourteenth century, with medieval frescoes of the Sienese school (XIV century) related to the episodes of the last part of the life of Christ and of the Umbria-Marche school (XV century) about the life of St. Benedict . The floor of the church is adorned with cosmati style mosaics by Italian master craftsmen.

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