Lucus Feroniae

  • Lucus Feroniae

Energitismo Insight

The excavations of the ancient city have revealed the remains of a rectangular forum onto which a basilica, two temples and a pedestrian boulevard with tabernacle, stores and shops. From the mosaics found in stores you can trace back to the type of activities that took place. At the center of the court apparently there was a statue of the emperor. The city was also equipped with an amphitheatre with a capacity of about 5000 people, with attached baths frigidarium (cold pool), tepidarium (warm pool), caldarium (hot pool) and a school. The museum of the excavations retains a large number of high-value artifacts with statues and inscriptions. The excavations of the town that are bordered with those of Villa dei Volusii, which is located within the Servizio Feronia Ovest dell'Autosole (gas station) (at the Fiano Romano exit).

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