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  • D'ORICA - Living Jewellery
  • D'ORICA - Living Jewellery
  • D'ORICA - Living Jewellery
  • D'ORICA - Living Jewellery

Energitismo Insight

Early in 2012, shortly after the founding of Energitismo, the dream that became Living Jewellery was envisioned by Claudia Bettiol. That dream was to create a work of art that would represent the linkage between the two Rinascimenti, that would combine the elegance of the 16th century with today’s peak artisanship including the most exciting technologies of the current sustainability revolution.
At VicenzaOro, the Energitismo met Giampietro Zonta and Daniela Raccanello, the founders of D’Orica, a unique jeweller in Nove. Gianpietro is the father of a novel technique to make tiny spheres of gold and facet them to create gold “diamonds”.
Daniela is the designer. Together, Energitismo and D’Orica conceived how biomimetic technology of photosynthesis could be blended with the D’Orica art to create jewellery that not only shone from reflected light but could create light as a sign of the life force of the wearer. The first opera of Living Jewellery is the Living Necklace.

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Daniela and Giampietro are inseparable and are the embodiment of Yin and Yang. They share a vision of life that each one interprets in his own way, Giampietro technologist and innovator and Daniela artist and designer, each with a deep respect for traditions. Innovation and environmental and social sustainability were at the basis of their idea to found the firm D’orica. But love is the real ingredient that enables this company to operate successfully in international markets.

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The town of Nove is near the heart of Grappa country, with Montegrappa crowning the landscape to the north. The name, Nove, comes apparently from the old Italian for ‘new’ deriving from the Latin Novus, not from 'nine' as in modern Italian. The lands where the town is located used to be part of the Brenta river,but as it receded, the soft lands that were exposed were found to be rich in clay. In Nove artisans are re-emerging in pottery and wine as well as jewellery, and their works can be admired in galleries, bars and restaurants around town.

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