FLORIO POZZA - Lights of Dreamtime

  • FLORIO POZZA - Lights of Dreamtime
  • FLORIO POZZA - Lights of Dreamtime
  • FLORIO POZZA - Lights of Dreamtime
  • FLORIO POZZA - Lights of Dreamtime
  • FLORIO POZZA - Lights of Dreamtime

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When an Australian first meets Florio in his studio in Vicenza the feeling of being ’back home’ is immediate.
Whether it be his native musical instruments such as his Didgeridoos, the magic of his Dreamtime lamps, or maybe the obvious passion he has for his work and its heritage, you find a bond of admiration.
What strikes me about his lights and lamps are the effects that are portrayed on the walls and ceiling, and wherever the light may arrive. These effects are light sculptures that are basicly inspired by both aboriginal art and ancient Etruscan 'granulation' goldsmith works.
The arrays of dots and lines surprise in the images they create – images of Australian nature and environment and abstract 3D textured patterns.
The effect is surreal. Yet it is not illusory and it is certainly permanent as these ‘fire-burnt’ metal lamps will survive the eons of time, being memories of dreams of the past for the days of the future. Thanks ‘mate’.

The Creator



Florio has an Australoveneto soul. Though born of Veneto parents in the hills north of Melbourne, his soul has flown from the Aboriginal Dreamtime to nestle in and create a man whose love and understanding for Australia’s true heritage is second to none.

To meet Florio in his Italian homeland in Vicenza,to which he returned at a tender and impressionable 12 years, is to find a small Australian continent, that is delivered to the 3D world through his art, music and spirit. Florio is also promoter and organizer of Australian aboriginal cultural events.

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Known in the world for being home to some of the finest Italian goldsmiths, Vicenza also is famous for the work of Andrea Palladio, one of the most influential personalities in the history of Western architecture. It is also a centre for traditional artisans. The city was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.

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