ALBERTO MONTINI - Lifestyle Pipes

  • ALBERTO MONTINI - Lifestyle Pipes
  • ALBERTO MONTINI - Lifestyle Pipes
  • ALBERTO MONTINI - Lifestyle Pipes
  • ALBERTO MONTINI - Lifestyle Pipes
  • ALBERTO MONTINI - Lifestyle Pipes

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The story of Mastro de Paja is among the most interesting in the world of pipe and tobacco lovers. And this also according to the authoritative site Pipedia  that collects stories from around the world.  Mastro de Paja was born in the '70s as a group of friends who gather around to the maestro Giancarlo Guidi to continue to keep alive Italian tradition who was suffering from the Danish competition. As many other Italian stories of good soloists but bad group players, these friends soon start fighting and craftsmen who have been trained by the master come off and start own business.Everything seems to follow a bitter fate until Alberto Montini enters on the stage, he takes over the reins of the company ending the bickering, starting presentations abroad and widening the range of products in all accessories of lifestyle tied to the lovers of the pipe and Cigar. To understand the spirit of this enterprise you have to meet directly Alberto Montini going to Pesaro or intercepting him in one of his many trips abroad. In the workshop there is an air of joyful competition: the masters of the pipe work at their own table and they all move in unison. They are aware of the international challenges but they know that by continuing to focus on quality, these challenges will be win and will lead to more creative ideas.

The Creator



Alberto embodies the spirit of the perfect Italian: solar, creative and entrepreneurial. He fell in love with the idea behind the group Mastro de Paja and drove him to fame and international markets. Today is one of the leaders in the field of pipe and of the lifestyle that surrounds the lovers of slow smoking: pipes and cigars.

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Pesaro è famosa per due suoi figli, Gioachino Rossini e Valentino Rossi, due uomini che hanno vissuto e che vivono nella corsia di sorpasso. Pesaro è sulla costa del mare Adriatico ed è stata il centro della movida dopo Ibiza.

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