MASSIMO MARCOMINI - Les First: The Chair

  • MASSIMO MARCOMINI - Les First: The Chair
  • MASSIMO MARCOMINI - Les First: The Chair
  • MASSIMO MARCOMINI - Les First: The Chair
  • MASSIMO MARCOMINI - Les First: The Chair
  • MASSIMO MARCOMINI - Les First: The Chair

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Eclectic by nature Massimo Marcomini is a creator. This sentence would be enough to define the spirit of Massimo, but then when you meet him and talk to him you understand the uniqueness of his spirit.

"Archi-therapist", is the way in which he can be described in his profession as an architect and designer. "Hearing others to surprise them with what they wanted but did not have the courage to ask."
His houses are creative designs: with balance between lines, shapes and materials to create what he calls "provocative beauty" which is difficult to resist. Each architectural project is unique and tailored to the people who live in it, just as in every object the design is customizable.
Massimo is fortunate to have a studio in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, Lake Garda and to divide the study with his partner Nadia, who is his alter ego, the methodical planner. They complement each other combining eclecticism and feasibility that turns emotions into houses, objects, art exhibitions and events.
The collection Les First is his most recent professional challenge: a line of handcrafted items "Totally made in Italy" for people who want stylish and unique chairs. Massimo makes each of these exclusive items in a variety of different ways: straightforward or with irony, with class or culture, with particular combinations of effects or with pure classicism. Just as when preparing an exhibition dedicated to the great fashion stylist Roberto Capucci, he has created a chair dedicated to one of his most important “sculpture dresses” .
But he is always in the pursuit of aesthetic appeal and perfection of style.

The Creator



Massimo Marcomini is an architect who goes beyond architecture and design in his work and life.

From the mansions in the Garda that he designed to museum and display exhibits, we see more and more a total respect for the environment (in terms of sustainability and culture) and his search for a common ‘vibration’ with the environment surrounding his work.

He started the collection Les First in 2012 after a personal challenge during the creation of a prestigious villa . Massimo designs and always thinks in a ”scenic” way looking for the beauty in every small details.

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Lago del Garda is the largest lake in Italy and one of the most beautiful. From the bowl where the Gardaland theme park jives and the resort of Lonato del Garda lies, the view takes one to the fine neck of the ‘vase’ far away at the resort of Riva del Garda, surrounded by soaring mountains. These waters lap the shores of idyllic towns and villages famous for poets such as D’Annunzio and Catullo or just for the magnificent scenery.

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