MADE IN LAVA - Emerald Glazed Stoneware

  • MADE IN LAVA - Emerald Glazed Stoneware
  • MADE IN LAVA - Emerald Glazed Stoneware
  • MADE IN LAVA - Emerald Glazed Stoneware
  • MADE IN LAVA - Emerald Glazed Stoneware

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The first thing that strikes you when you meet Luca and Sabrina from MadeinLava is the accuracy and attention to detail with which they have designed and built their jproducts.
Sustainability is not a wagon on the fly on which they climbed, but a process that has matured over the years. From their choice of returning to live in a small village near Viterbo to be able to work on the local stone, to the design of outdoor furniture that does not require nails, and to the type of treatment to be given to the wood - all are born from a care and sensitivity to the materials, design and details of manufacture.
The exclusive designs and the attention to detail through the process of veneering of the lava rock makes them unique, personalized and elegant. Their articles are of high quality and processed individually because “it is the detail that we value”.

The Creator



Luca and Sabrina founded Made in Lava in 2011 by combining the passion for craftsmanship of Luca and the design skills of Sabrina. Sabrina has returned to Tuscia as an architect and began collaborating with Luca who in the meantime had opened his own craft workshop. Their common passion for sculpture and sustainability leads them to imagine innovative solutions.

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The city of Viterbo is at the centre of Tuscia where once lived the ancient Etruscan population. The origin of the Etruscans goes back some 3000 years ago and aspects of their lifestyle are still unknown. Their cemeteries are one of the most visited historical sites in the world. Viterbo is also known as the 'City of Popes', in fact in the 13th century it was the seat of the Pope with the Papal Palace overlooking the city center.

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