Laina (Pasta) and Cicerchie (Grass Pea)

  • Laina (Pasta) and Cicerchie (Grass Pea)

Energitismo Insight

Grass pea cultivation has very ancient origins. They come from the Middle East, and have been for many years one of the elements at the base of the diet of this area that has rocky soil which is difficult to cultivate. Cicerchia of Capodimele is recognized as a PDO (Original Product). The main dishes are the 'Grass Pea Soup', to be spread on bread with a dash of fresh olive oil over the top, and 'Laina and grass peas'. The laina is a paste of flour and water only, and is served with the sauce of grass peas cooked with tomato, onion and garlic. On top of the pasta dried goat cheese is spread.

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