NANI - The Patch, a ring of Class

  • NANI - The Patch, a ring of Class
  • NANI - The Patch, a ring of Class
  • NANI - The Patch, a ring of Class
  • NANI - The Patch, a ring of Class

Energitismo Insight

THE PATCH arrived to life on the lapel of its creator one winter evening in 2012. In the spirit of its creator, THE PATCH has a soul. Without a hole to beautify it seems like an oyster without a pearl. Only through a defect can we see the treasure of the ring that is THE PATCH. THE PATCH reminds us to look for beauty everywhere.
Poetry is a passion of Nani; that poetry is a unique collection of words, rarely possible to replicate. Nani shares his wisdom through these poems. He has been granted a wonderful partner and wife in Paula, who shares the toils and joys of artistic generation and nurtures the increasing multigenerational family.
Nani feels that his life is a duty to protect the heritage and pass it on to his sons for safekeeping –the true meaning of sustainability. Come to the Alexander Museum Palace Hotel and meet a special man and family respecting and creating great art – listen to his quizzical humour and devour his daily quotes.

The Creator



THE PATCH (ESALTABUCHI in Italiano) is a creation of Nani. Nani is ‘il Conte Alessandro-Ferruccio Marcucci Pinoli di Valfesina’ a title reflecting a man blessed with many qualities.

He traces his genealogy over 1000 years in his family villa near Pesaro. Il Conte ‘Nani’ is also the father of grand hotels in Pesaro and Urbino.

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Pesaro è famosa per due suoi figli, Gioachino Rossini e Valentino Rossi, due uomini che hanno vissuto e che vivono nella corsia di sorpasso. Pesaro è sulla costa del mare Adriatico ed è stata il centro della movida dopo Ibiza.

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