• Judea

Energitismo Insight

For many centuries, the Elm Perino district ("Judea") was inhabited by a Jewish community that predated Christianity. Proof of this is the absolute lack of churches or traces of Christian sacred buildings. All external stairs of the houses are facing a common point: the Synagogue, the political, administrative and cultural centre of the community. The neighbourhood lived a life of its own and most likely the Jews were the first to cultivate oranges in Fondi. They were famous for craft activities, especially the processing of cloth, jewellery and perhaps typography. Probably they also had a pawnbroker. The pirate "Barbarossa" (1534) brought destruction and after the plague Fondi was almost abandoned. The Jews did not return to rebuild their area. It is said that there are some spirits wandering in the sphere of "House of the Spirits" (the synagogue), as creaking floors, nocturnal cries and continuous noise can be heard.

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