MAYA LAPP E DENIS PERERA - Impressed by Glass

  • MAYA LAPP E DENIS PERERA - Impressed by Glass
  • MAYA LAPP E DENIS PERERA - Impressed by Glass
  • MAYA LAPP E DENIS PERERA - Impressed by Glass
  • MAYA LAPP E DENIS PERERA - Impressed by Glass
  • MAYA LAPP E DENIS PERERA - Impressed by Glass

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GlassMade is the story of a small artisanal company but also of the passion of two young people for glass. Maya and Denis met at the school of glass in Bolzano and have united their lives to deepen their understanding of their passion and turn it into a business. The elegance of their creativity is born from a special blend: blending the Brazilian spirit with Italian craftsmanship. Maya is Brazilian and moved to Italy to learn the techniques of glass at Murano and then Bolzano where she met Denis. They have established their "shop", their laboratory in the green fields (occasionally they are visited by animals of the forest), in a valley near the Dolomites and close to Belluno. Maya's dream includes educating and transferring her passion and techniques of artisanal glass product in Brazil in Sao Paulo, in her laboratory. Their work is the shaping of glass – they buy the raw sheets from specialist glass foundries in places such as Murano, and then cut, reshape, add designs and colours to produce their bowls, plates and dining sets and vases, all by hand

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Maya's family was surprised when from childhood she said that she wanted to work with glass. But Maya had clear ideas and lived between Italy and Brazil to learn from the best teachers of Murano and Bolzano.

She still has her laboratory in Sao Paulo where she goes a few months a year to teach techniques of glass processing in a country that did not have experience in the artisanship of glass, but in which the demand for handicrafts is deeply felt.

Denis "stumbles" into involvement in glass, but from that moment his life changed. He learned basic techniques from a craftsman and decided to investigate further glass-melting and processing at the school of Bolzano.

Here he met Maya and they decide to join their artisanal andemotional lives and to open a glass business in Italy. His passion and desire to create does not leave a moment apart from spending time creating glass objects that combine transparency and colors.

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Limana is an area and town a few kilometres south of Belluno in north Veneto. Its human habitation dates from the Neolithic and it has been on transit and trade routes since at least Roman times. One historical site is Castello di San Pietro in Tuba, built around the year 1000, whose name derives from the ancient seals of the Knights Templar.

The area has come under various dominions but its architectural record dates from the Venetian period when villas were built, particularly in the 18th century. Its geographical appeal on the edge of the Dolomites is such that the population of Limana is increasing.

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