Historical Regatta

  • Historical Regatta

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The Historical Regatta on the Grand Canal is one of the most picturesque and engaging moments of the city life. It is deeply felt by the Venetians who reserve for it their attention. The event consists of a historical parade and then following competitive regattas. The regatta tradition in Venice could date back to 942 for an episode similar to that of the rape of the Sabine women: during a popular festival pirates kidnapped the Venetian women of marriageable age. Paddling hard on their boats, the Venetians were able to reach the pirates and release their young women. From this episode originated the Festival of Maria that then evolved over the centuries to become the current Historical Regatta. The name Historical was coined and only introduced in 1899 in the context of the events of the third Biennale. The historical parade recalling the arrival in Venice of the Queen of Cyprus, then forced into exile in Asolo.

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