CORRADO DI GIACOMO - Heart of the Owner

  • CORRADO DI GIACOMO - Heart of the Owner
  • CORRADO DI GIACOMO - Heart of the Owner
  • CORRADO DI GIACOMO - Heart of the Owner
  • CORRADO DI GIACOMO - Heart of the Owner

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The goldsmith tradition of the family di Giacomo began "four generations ago" in Rome, in Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, in 1870. Giovanni di Giacomo started to hand make and engrave watches and opened his workshop in one of the most lively squares of Rome. For over two thousand years, the church of San Lorenzo in Lucina, built above the Roman temple of Juno Lucina, has been the place where women who cannot have children go to touch the water that may fulfill their maternity wishes. At that time, the square was also animated by a private theater of the Rospigliosi family and a puppet theater. What better place to start a business as a jeweler? The goldsmith art then transmitted from father to son to reach Corrado whose laboratory is still in Rome, but in the Prati district, near the Vatican and the mausoleum of Hadrian (perhaps better known as Castel Sant'Angelo and as the scenario for the opera Tosca). The strong link with Rome and its ancient traditions is underlined by the commitment of Corrado in the promotion of the goldsmith profession with the College of Goldsmiths (University of goldsmiths) of which he is Camerlengo. This institution was founded in 1509 by papal decree, but its roots lie in the Roman monarchy over two thousand years ago. The College is located in the church of Saint Eligius, the original building having been designed by the great Raffaello Sanzio, near the banks of the Tiber near the Vatican.

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Corrado is the fourth generation of goldsmiths who dedicates his life to the creation of unique jewelry. His works draw inspiration from the customer's wishes and are created using all the best traditional techniques of jewelry production.

Corrado is Camerlengo (President) of the University of Goldsmiths, an institution founded officially in 1509 with a papal bull of Pope Julius II.

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