Fontana Scentella

  • Fontana Scentella

Energitismo Insight

According to some legends, the name may derive from the evolution of Cantalice 'catà and ilex' (at the holm oak), in connection with an event considered miraculous. A small holm grew suddenly in the cracks of a rock behind the sacristy inside the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. This rock was considered so miraculous as to propitiate fertility and became the object of worship. It was removed from its original location in 1200 by order of Pope Innocent III, concerned about the "too pagan" devotion to this stone. It was secretly guarded for centuries and reappeared suddenly around 1610 on the right side of the "Scentella" fountain (visible on the road between Cantalice lower and Cantalice upper). The fountain was turned into a stone wash-house in 1952, was re-set again and is still visible.

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