TONI VENZO - Carved Leaves

  • TONI VENZO - Carved Leaves
  • TONI VENZO - Carved Leaves
  • TONI VENZO - Carved Leaves
  • TONI VENZO - Carved Leaves
  • TONI VENZO - Carved Leaves

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Anyone who has children, and has tried to teach them the joy of and respect for nature so they can recognize the different elements in nature has had need for a herbarium. A simple herbarium can be a book with illustrations of different leaves or flowers in nature. Beautiful books, sometimes produced ​​by great designers, are rarely used due to their value in mint condition, and are hidden away in the libraries.
This herbarium is different: it is alive and the leaves are sculptures that you can display in any room of the house. Each leaf is different, it has the natural shape and it is made from the wood of the corresponding tree. This ‘living’ wood enables one to have a new relationship with the plant through the different scents. A collection of different leaves enables you to have the pleasure of a set of natural perfumes

The Creator



Toni is a sculptor and a designer in wood. He can feel inside the body of the trees and his creations are always soft and sinuous. He received the passion for the woods from his father and has given it to his wife and children, with whom he shares the joy and the travails of creation.

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Italy, Pove Del GrappaFIND IT HERE

Pove del Grappa started life possibly as a quarrying town for the ancient roads in this mountainous area of north east Italy. It lies at the south eastern entrance to the pass through the pre-Alpes to Valsugana, that is also the name of the road today, one that has been travelled by great historical names on their route from Venice to the Holy Roman Empire.

Pove also sits at the western base of the Grappa mastiff, and is on many walking trails through this historic, forested and much embattled region.

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