FABIO TARAMASCO - Fish by Chance

  • FABIO TARAMASCO - Fish by Chance
  • FABIO TARAMASCO - Fish by Chance
  • FABIO TARAMASCO - Fish by Chance
  • FABIO TARAMASCO - Fish by Chance

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Reading around the university curriculum Fabio you might think of meeting a somewhat 'unfriendly’ academic; while Fabio surprises with his joy and simplicity. He has absorbed so much culture and love of the past that he can create art with irony – art where maybe the subject makes fun of the viewer. Fabio is a professional restorer who knows all the techniques of fresco and wall decorations. He loves the past and the idea to extend the life of artworks to transmit them to posterity. His own art has different levels of interpretation that combine to convey a positive message in an ironic way, to be able to steal a smile from the viewer. His greatest satisfaction is just to give a moment of joy to those who come into connection with him through his artistic creations. One case involved the non-for-profit "GalleriAperta h24" that opened in the suburb of Savona in a place where all the shops had closed. This occurred thanks to the rare generosity and intelligence of an owner of an empty shop who has given the windows to several artists creating a "tunnel" visible 24 hours each day. The idea was to show the true social role of art that can bring joy even in places and at times when this joy seems to have disappeared.

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Fabio is a "pop-conceptual" artist who "moves in history". His educational and professional background as restorer introduced him to many techniques and opened up knowledge of the past.

This knowledge has made him free to play with art and colours by connecting past and present with humour, being able to use different artistic languages while maintaining his own identity: that of Fabio Taramasco.

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Savona was the seat of a rebellious population who suffered under the relative might of its local neighbour Genoa from 1528 when its upper town and towers were destroyed and the harbour buried. It seems that it could do no right as every invading force picked on Savona as part of their military exercises.

Now it sits happily beside the Tyrrhenian Sea, without its latest heritage of steel mills, and waits on the next cruise ship to transport tourists around the Med. Meanwhile, the imposing fortress of Priamar, on the sea edge, now houses museums and art galleries.

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