Fagiolina of Arsoli (Arsoli Bean)

  • Fagiolina of Arsoli (Arsoli Bean)

Energitismo Insight

Fagiolina of Arsoli is one of the first varieties of beans grown in Italy in 1552 when Charles V took them as a gift to the Pope from the Americas. In a document from the period we find how the pope should show concern for the numerous thefts of fagiolina of Arsoli and that he had to send two magistrates. The bean is white slightly flattened and the plant is climbing and can reach three meters and a half, and in the past it was cultivated in association with maize to harness the support of this cereal. In Arsoli every year the 'Festival of Fagiolina' is held when people enjoy a Fagiolina soup in a clay pot with ciciarchiole (squares of homemade pasta) or stewed with onions, olive oil, black pepper and stale bread.

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