Est! Est!! Est!!! of Montefiascone

  • Est! Est!! Est!!! of Montefiascone

Energitismo Insight

This is a white wine whose name comes is connected at the coronation of Henry V in 1111, as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. A wine cup-­‐bearer of a Prussian Prince, Giovanni Deuc, had to write about the taverns the word "est" when having tasted good wine. He reached Montefiascone and tasted the local wine marked the spot with: Est! Est!! Est!!! The prince returned to live in the village, is buried here in the Basilica of San Flaviano. He left to the citizens of Montefiascone a legacy of 24,000 crowns on condition that every year they would pour a keg of wine on his tomb. This tradition continues with a historical procession in period costume.

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