FABIO SCAPIN - Furnished by Drum

  • FABIO SCAPIN - Furnished by Drum
  • FABIO SCAPIN - Furnished by Drum
  • FABIO SCAPIN - Furnished by Drum
  • FABIO SCAPIN - Furnished by Drum
  • FABIO SCAPIN - Furnished by Drum

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Meeting Fabio in his place of work was an unexpected surprise. Many have tried to recycle drums into furniture, just go on the internet to get an idea of the attempts in various parts of the world, but few have managed to do it with class and elegance.
When we saw the first blue and white chair, we could not believe our eyes for the attention that Fabio had put into all the details that are used to transform an ordinary object into a special object – every component designed with style in mind and engineered with excellence.
The hinges that allow the seat to close and re-open are completely hand forged and all the corners are gently rounded to become a functional design object. The support base of the chair is made by hand craftsmanship, shaping the steel with soft smooth curves.
Even the way in which the fabric is blended with the armchair is styled. Designs range from classical leather with armrests moulded to resemble the vintage style to the more witty version obtained with jeans fabric in clothing shapes.
Fabio has put all his love into the creation of these chairs, and every day he is inventing new items to expand this range of furniture that was begun for fun but has become prestigious.
To be sure that he was on the right track, Fabio presented the chair and the line of furniture at the "Biennale Riciclart" in Padua and in the exhibition "Art in the Villa" where they have been a great success.

The Creator



Fabio Scapin is an expert craftsman of steel who pays attention to detail and perfection. In his life he studied several crafts that have allowed him to acquire skills in the use of a wide range of tools for materials such as wood, fabric and metal.

Two years ago, all this experience has been condensed in the creation of chairs made from industrial drums and a subsequently a line of personalised furniture that is enriched every day.

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Galliera Veneta is best known for the famous Villa Capello, or Villa Imperiale, which now has become a park enjoyed by all and used for meetings and concerts. The history of the villa began in 1509 by the Venetian family Capella, which had in this area its possessions in the "mainland" and design the first “Italian Garden” style park. In 1821, the landscape architect Francesco Bagnara made the first “English” style park that was then enlarged and perfected by the Empress of Austria Anna Maria Pia of Savoy, who was not able to enjoy it because in 1866 Veneto became part of Italy.

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