PAOLO BELLO' - Elegant Decoration for Villas

  • PAOLO BELLO' - Elegant Decoration for Villas
  • PAOLO BELLO' - Elegant Decoration for Villas
  • PAOLO BELLO' - Elegant Decoration for Villas
  • PAOLO BELLO' - Elegant Decoration for Villas
  • PAOLO BELLO' - Elegant Decoration for Villas

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"Italy is a special country for a creative person, because wherever you go you breathe over 2000 years of history, and a walk in an ancient village seems to be in a museum, in a gallery, or directly into a work of art." <br/< This is the spirit into which Paolo Bellò grew and, after a long practice in the workshop of the master Ennio Verenini of Bassano del Grappa, he achieved mastery as a painter and decorator, and opening his own workshop in Solagna. The inspiration of Paolo comes directly from the great Venetian tradition of decorating walls that, in the art of Veronese and Tiepolo, had unsurpassed masters. Albeit distant in time, these two painters are characterized by a lavish use of color and great skills to manage the spaces to make the rooms that have adorned joyful. This same positivity emerges in the buildings in the works of Paolo that he has transformed with his acquired creativity and experience, turning villas and palaces into magical places while being able to interpret the wishes of the owners. Paolo has a full mastery of decorative techniques (false frames, imitation timber, marble and tapestries, trompe l'oeil, fresco, stucco a marmorino, gilding, ....). In recollection of the masters of the Renaissance, before he commences a unique work, Paolo designs the classic or modern wall decorations (interior and exterior), produces sketches, preparatory drawings and samples in full scale in order to have a vision of the finished work.

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Paolo Bellò was born to be a craftsman and artist of wall decorations and with constant practice, a refined taste for elegance and a continuous research on the techniques and traditions, he has became one of the finest painters of masonry in villas throughout Veneto. In this region the tradition of wall and roof decoration has been deeply felt since the days of the Venetian Republic.

From 1997 till now he has taught mural painting technique in many organizations . Among his works, there are both restoration of important historic villas and the creation of new rooms using different techniques, including the ancient art of the fresco. His passion for details, and especially for the human figure, led him to also express himself as a painter of pictures, where he is more free to experiment with his passions.

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Solagna is located in the channel area of the Brenta, when the river is still trapped between the mountains, before rushing into the great plain. These valleys have been at the frontier for centuries having faced the Huns, the Lombards, the Austrians and all those people attracted by the riches of Italy.

For centuries the cultivation of forests and tobacco were the main income, but poverty has always inspired men to seek their fortune elsewhere emigrating or "illegal" trading. The adventurous stories of tobacco smugglers are still narrated and their paths are a challenge for all those who love the mountains.

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