LUCIO MARIN - Elegance in Safety

  • LUCIO MARIN - Elegance in Safety
  • LUCIO MARIN - Elegance in Safety
  • LUCIO MARIN - Elegance in Safety
  • LUCIO MARIN - Elegance in Safety
  • LUCIO MARIN - Elegance in Safety

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The first time I heard of Lucio Marin I realised that he is not just a top engineer, but a marketing genius, and I immediately asked for a meeting. In the early years of my life as a professional engineer, I had worked in an engineering office dealing with the coordination of "installed plant". The people who carry out these tasks are often bored as the regulations are the headlights that guide their existence.
But though the rules are boring, it actually is not written anywhere that the plant has to be ugly. Yet mental laziness and boredom of the job has created some ‘dreadful’ solutions. Fire extinguishers, evacuation plans and safety signs are often produced ‘mindlessly’.
Only a special person with creative freedom could go against the tide and overturn these habits. The story of Lucio Marin began about 30 years ago and in 1985 he accomplished his first breakout gesture in the form of a chrome fire extinguisher. It was followed with one covered in gold that became a protagonist at the gold exhibition of Vicenza.
Regulatory change and the mandating of the colour red resulted in Lucio beginning to work on new designs, and when it concerned safety signs he used more elegant materials such as Murano glass.
His proximity to Venice couldn't be the only causative element for Lucio beginning and then continuing to work with (and sponsors) the Abate Zanetti Murano glass school.  From this synergy solutions are born, having elegance and refinement, that change the way of understanding safety equipment and convert these equipments into furnishing elements to be proud of.
If you find Lucio Marin before Christmas, ask to participate in the very private Christmas concert at the factory. An experience for the few and impossible to forget!

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Lucio has made the pursuit of beauty the basis of his life and work. To understand how this sense of life is part of him you have to go into his factory and be guided through the long show room.

And if you hear a music concert or if you find someone who is discussing artists it shouldn't surprise you. Lucio has made art a lens with which to focus every moment of life and he makes all who have the good fortune to meet him participate.

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