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In World War 2, the landing on the coast of Anzio and Nettuno took place on January 22, 1944, at two in the morning, with the fleet of the Allied VI Corps under control of General John Porter Lucas. There were 253 amphibious units and 140 warships. On May 31, the Allies entered in Velletri and Frosinone. On June 4, after having conquered the resistance line of the Alban Hills, they arrived in the suburbs of Rome, and on June 5, 1944 the liberation of Rome was announced. After the war, the Nettunesi returned to their homes along with the statue of Our Lady of Grace, which had been brought to safety in Rome. The Museum of the Allied landings, inside Forte Sangallo, preserves precious documents, furniture, uniforms, helmets, vintage photographs, maps, reports of war correspondents, filmed on video, playback of old newspapers and war materialdiscovered in Nettuno and Anzio area. It is a constant destination for veterans and their families, students and ordinary citizens.

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