APOSTOL - Crystal and Bronze Sculpture

  • APOSTOL - Crystal and Bronze Sculpture
  • APOSTOL - Crystal and Bronze Sculpture
  • APOSTOL - Crystal and Bronze Sculpture
  • APOSTOL - Crystal and Bronze Sculpture
  • APOSTOL - Crystal and Bronze Sculpture

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The sculptured works of Apostol reflect a love for the traditions and history of Greece, particularly its turbulent seas. To enter Apostol’s Athens Gallery in the traditional Athens market of Plaka is to be transformed into a living new world of crystal and bronze, and to be transfixed by the magic of the creations. It is difficult to concentrate on just one of the inspiring designs, as others ’call for attention’. Behind the desk, where you may find Apostol seated, patiently awaiting visitors with eyes awake who can enter his world, stands a small winged Icarus, demanding attention. Allow your attention to stray to the swordfish or the giant octopus and wonder at the soul that was inspired to create these works. For Apostol the crystal glass represents the transparent flow of a soft melody reaching our ears while the Bronze, the stronger material, symbolizes the great power of music that can make our life so much more beautiful. Each work has a special sonance, a vibration that resonates from the balance of design with crystal and bronze. Yet, what is ultimately captivating, are the musical histories each of which represents a special musical memory. Great Balls of Fire is, of course a surrealistic piano. Nature’s Melody is a slumbering cello, in which Apostol has sculpted with other metals, silver and aluminum, to complement his nameplate crystal and bronze – it is a work of art that just weeps to be hugged.

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He follows the ancient Greek tradition of being known as, simply, Apostol. In love with art from his youth, Apostol interspersed his passion with economics studies in New York and then, after returning to Greece, he had some international success in the business side of art. Yet, this interference lost out as he spent more and more time feeding his passion for sculpture.

Despite his modest approach to his own work, renown approached and overtook him to the extent that today you find Apostol as the master of galleries exhibiting nearly all works just signed ‘Apostol’. Maybe you will find him in his Athens Gallery, more rarely in Santorini or Florida. When he is hidden from view, he may be sitting by the ancient sea of Greece, or in his studio, creating the sculptures that came to him in his last reverie by the sea.

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Plaka is ‘Athens Old Town’ – very old. It was developed around and on the ruins of the Ancient Agora. The local area has been continuously inhabited since ancient Greece. Adrianou Street, running through Plaka, has been unchanged since antiquity. The people of Plaka look up to the Parthenon perched across the rock ledge above.

Like most of Greece, Plaka has seen its period of Turkish control when it was the centre of administration. Various wars including the war of Independence were fought in its streets. In 1884 a fire burned much of the Plaka area so archaeologists were able to commence the ongoing excavations of the Roman Market and Hadrian’s library. Plaka is one of the top tourist centres of Greece, even without any blue sea or beaches, with famed shops and restaurants all just a stone’s throw below the Acropolis.

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