Church of Santa Maria Extra Moenia and its baptistery

  • Church of Santa Maria Extra Moenia and its baptistery

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The church of S. Maria 'outside the city walls' is located as its name says, outside the town. It was built in the Middle Ages on the ruins of a pagan temple dedicated to the goddess Diana. Some remains of Carolingian sculptures, walled in the church, confirmed that the building already existed in the ninth century. The building has a simple cabin style façade with a bell tower in which single-pane, double and triple paned mullioned windows succeed each other upwards. Inside it is preserved the wooden structure of stairs and balconies. In 1950 work was carried out on the masonry of the thirteenth century portal. The interior of the church has three aisles and the apse, with three narrow mullioned windows, and some interesting frescoes from various periods. Next to the church there is a hexagonal baptistery, built around 1430. Inside are important paintings of the fifteenth century.  

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