Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Fianello

  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Fianello

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The Church of Santa Maria Assunta was built in the Middle Ages on a Roman villa, then it was rebuilt in the XIII century and subsequently decorated in the early fourteenth. Of particular value are the apse frescoes with figures of saints and the coronation of the Virgin, as well as Purgatory on a side wall. The crypt and the excavations behind the apse finds an ancient Roman villa, of which today some parts of the walls are visible. In the public fountain behind the church one can recognize the ferrule from an aqueduct of the Roman period that was to bring water to the villa from a source half a kilometer away. Many fragments are found in the National Museum while among the bas-reliefs found on site, the most interesting is an austere woman sitting on a throne with four figures holding a scythe. It is the Vacuna goddess of the Sabines. The pentagonal bell tower is located within the Fianello castle near the Church of San Giovanni Battista.  

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