Church of San Lorenzo

  • Church of San Lorenzo

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The church of San Lorenzo (and Santa Maria del Soccorso) is the oldest in the area and had been built on the ruins, and with the materials, of a Roman villa. The church dates back to the X-XI century and originally consisted of a single room with an apse covered with a gabled roof. San Lorenzo was then completely rebuilt in 1693 under Pope Innocent XII with the construction of a new main chapel, covered by an elliptical dome. The early medieval church became a transept of the new church and the interior of the church was enriched with three chapels in the Baroque style: the San Lorenzo Chapel, San Filippo Neri and Santa Maria del Soccorso. Attached to the church there is a small chapel, once used as a caretaker's cottage and guest house for pilgrims inside of which a section of the wall of the Roman villa is recognizable. The building became the church cemetery in 1868.

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